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"This was an amazing visit. Soups was great, we talked, she explained how to care for my lashes, I felt confident it would be easy...when I looked in the mirror WOW! I looked great! I have worn lashes before...these were the BEST I have ever had!

I love waking up and looking great. Thanks Soups!"

-Janelle P. ~Las Vegas

"Soups did an amazing feat. I am a cancer survivor and gave her very little to work with. I got the extensions for my daughters wedding and received so many compliments! Thank you so much! You have me as a customer forever!!"

-Debbie D. ~Las Vegas

"Soups did an amazing job. I have gotten many compliments and I am hooked. I have been recommending her to everyone who asks about my eyes. Having deep set & close set eyes has been a challenge FOREVER, but now I love not having to wear a TON of mascara, actually NO mascara. Thank you Soup! I will be back!"

-Michele C. ~Las Vegas

"I absolutely L-O-V-E my eyelash extensions!! I have been an avid strip lash wearer for years and just recently discovered extensions. My lashes were thin and wimpy looking and I desperately wanted a fuller look without having to spend a massive amount of time doing my eye makeup. I had already been to 3 different eyelash technicians, with poor results, before I found Soups. She is amazing!! She listened to what I wanted and delivered stunning results! She really takes her time to make sure that they look perfect. She does a great job everytime and I'm constantly being complimented on how beautiful my eyelashes look! I will never go to another technician again."

-Alexa ~Las Vegas

"I've never had lashes done before or was even interested in getting them. However, when I saw how amazing lashes by Soups looked I had to try it! There was no pain and I was very comfortable the entire time she applied the lashes. She is so professional and takes tons of pride in her work that she is worth every penny! The lashes look so natural, beautiful and long I was hooked immediately. I love waking up in the morning looking like I've already done my eye make up. Best beauty investment ever!!!! I love them! Thank you so much!!"

-Tania ~Las Vegas

"As a casting director for film & television I send all my clients to see the folks at GLAM-Eyelash Extensions before photo shoots and auditions. Gotta be camera ready and these lashes make the difference in being seen and "being seen" the process is quick and painless worth the investment."

-Sue ~Los Angeles

"Clean, professional and friendly. These lashes are truly amazing!! I no longer have the hassle of stacking layers upon LAYERS of mascara on or have to deal with gluing on fake strips. It's a big time savor. The best part about these lashes are they do not look artificial at all. I constantly get approached and praised on how long, full, and natural my lashes look. They last a long time too. However, creating this effect takes a certain type of talent and skill not possessed by everyone. The secret not only is the quality of the products used, but also the detail that Soups (owner and lash expert) puts into each individual lash. Her precision is impeccable. I have yet to met someone who cares for their craft as much as she does. Thanks to her, I wake up everyday with perfect lashes. Sometimes, I'll put a dash of mascara on to give it a more dramatic appeal on my nights out. If you want to treat yourself to anything, eyelash extensions by GLAM is the way to go. The time you save with these lash extensions practically pay for themselves...the compliments are just an added bonus" ^__^

-Suzan ~Las Vegas

"I have to tell you I was a bit hesitant to get these done, just because I can't even put eye drops in my eyes! I finally went & now I wish that I would have went a long time ago! They are truly amazing! The compliments that I get are crazy! Not to mention that I have green/hazel eyes & they absolutely make my eyes pop without any eye makeup! Soups does an amazing job & she makes sure that they are full to your liking, not like some of these other places I have heard about. Amazing absolutely Amazing!"

-Ami ~Las Vegas

"Soups is the first and the only lash technician I will go to! She does a beautiful job and I get compliments on my lashes everyday! They are very easy to maintain and my eyes pop without having to put on any make up at all. I will definitely be sending my bridesmaids over to her! Even my co-workers are asking about it! She is very nice and very professional! Thanks again Soups! =)"

-Monique ~Las Vegas